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Yesterday, we shared our photos from Norway’s contemporary street and urban art festival, Nuart Festival. Today, we bring you our highlights from the rest of the event. After days of painting murals, creating installations and public interventions, debates, lectures, talks and workshops, Nuart festival closed their biggest event to date. On September 5th, the festival opened their coinciding indoor exhibition, “Nuart Plus”, inside an old brewery building known as “tunnels”.

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While women artists have been involved in making art throughout history, their work has been dismissed or not as often acknowledged in comparison to men. Today, women do have important roles in society as writers, painters, sculptors, dancers, business leaders, among others, but they are still statistically under-represented by art institutions. “Trifecta”, which opens this Friday at Jonathan Levine Gallery, will shed a light on three prominent women in Contemporary art – Handiedan, Mimi Scholz, and Sandra Chevrier. Curator Yasha Young shares, “This exhibition addresses the fact that art created by women has been historically dismissed as craft as opposed to fine art, affecting the development of women in art throughout history. I would like to open doors for women artists and encourage them to step out and up.”