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The mixed-media paintings of Hueman return with a new show at Mirus Gallery. “Veiled Intent” collects works crafted with acrylics, spray paint, and stretched fabric. The artist says that figures in this series are “merely shadows or ghosts.” Hueman was featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 43.

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The work of Oakland based painter and street artist Allison Torneros, better known as Hueman, looks spontaneous, but to her, it is a science; a perfectly calculated blend of opposing elements. “I am constantly seeking balance between the beautiful and the grotesque, the abstract and the figurative, and that golden moment between sleep and awake,” she says. Hueman’s art has become instantly recognizable for its equally geometric and ethereal air, broken up as if seen through a colorful prism. Hueman elaborates on the ethereal aspects of her work with her latest exhibit “Just One Moment”, which debuted over the weekend at Mirus Gallery in San Francisco.

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Hueman, Erik Jones (HF Vol. 27 cover artist) , and Alex Yanes recollect their various artistic beginnings in “So Far, So Good”, now on view at Joseph Gross gallery. Notably, the show also marks each artists’ first in the famed Chelsea, New York area. Though having followed very different career paths, they have each arrived at bold and colorful palettes. Check out more photos after the jump!

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In her street art and gallery work, Hueman (the alias of Allison Torneros) captures the spontaneous spirit of both graffiti and abstract expressionism. She experiments spray paint and acrylics, layering so much paint onto her canvases that it morphs into an oil slick-like rainbow of shades. The up-and-coming artist has spent the past year taking on major projects — her largest mural to date at San Francisco’s Ian Ross Gallery, commissions for the likes of Nike and P. Diddy and a recent cover feature for LA Weekly‘s People Issue. Tonight, June 5, she will debut her latest body of paintings for “Between the Lines,” her solo show at Project Gallery in Hollywood. According to Hueman, the title alludes to the ways her abstract work compels viewers to deduce their own meanings from the imagery. There will be a talk with Hueman and art critic Shana Nys Dambrot on June 21 at the gallery for those curious to learn more about the artist.