Hueman Offers New Paintings in ‘Veiled Intent’

by Andy SmithPosted on

The mixed-media paintings of Hueman return with a new show at Mirus Gallery. “Veiled Intent” collects works crafted with acrylics, spray paint, and stretched fabric. The artist says that figures in this series are “merely shadows or ghosts.” Hueman was featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 43.

“There are echoes of the Catholic devotional art which Hueman experienced growing up—expressed as aesthetic influences from Renaissance textiles and drapery to the bright flourishes of illuminated manuscripts, as well as in a more general motif of spiritual experience,” Hueman says. “In this new evolution of her style, she is equally inspired by more conceptual contemporary art historical traditions of California Minimalism and Light and Space artists like Robert Irwin and James Turrell—artists using innovative materiality in their explorations of pure color and ambient light.”

The show runs Sept. 8-29. See more of the artist’s work, from an earlier studio visit, below.

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