Inside TeamLab’s Immersive ‘A Forest Where Gods Live’

by Andy SmithPosted on

At the Takeo Onsen hot springs in Japan, teamLab’s immersive, massive installation has returned to the historic Mifuneyama Rakuen Park, now adding a daytime component to “A Forest Where Gods Live.” The teamLab exhibition differs from similar immersive efforts such as Meow Wolf and Onedome in that it uses an expansive outdoor space while paying homage to its history—as well as interactive elements.(teamLab was last featured here.)

In acknowledgement of the hundreds of years since the creation of site shrines and ancient natural formations, teamLab says this: “We exist as a part of an eternal continuity of life and death, a process which has been continuing for an overwhelmingly long time. It is hard for us, however, to sense this in our everyday lives, perhaps because humans can not recognize longer time than their own life. When exploring the forest, the shapes of the giant rocks, the caves, and the forest allow us to better perceive and understand that overwhelmingly long time over which it all was formed.”

The exhibition runs through Nov. 4. Find teamLab on the web here.

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