The Wire Mesh Sculptures of Edoardo Tresoldi

by Andy SmithPosted on

Edoardo Tresoldi’s wire mesh installations appear as apparitions in spaces across the world. His figures, in particular, are both enticing and eerie. The artist, who was raised in Milan, studied under painter Mario Straforini before embarking on a career in Rome.

“[He] plays with the transparency of mesh and with industrial materials to transcend the time-space dimension and narrate a dialogue between Art and World, a visual summary which reveals itself in the fade-out of physical limitations,” a statement says. “Mixing classical and modern language, he generates a third one, strongly contemporary.”

A biography adds that with the Italian Ministry of Culture, the artist recently aided a “restoration of the Basilica paleocristiana of Siponto, a unique convergence between contemporary art and archaeology.” He was also recently named one of the 30 influential European artists under 30 by Forbes.

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