The Recent Paintings of Allison Sommers

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In recent work, there’s an ever-evolving horror and beauty in the paintings of Allison Sommers. Pieces created for shows at galleries across the U.S. range in size and subjects. Below, see how she’s recently depicted an unraveling canine, the human body, and other bits and organs worthy of close observation.

Sommers’ bio resembles her work’s multi-faceted conglomerates: “ATELIERBETRIEBE: An art-working studio. A factory of non-commodity manufacture. An ethic of both work and art. Pink viscera, heroic dogs, dougb’hoys, awarded pigeons, chromosomes, phosgene beds, war detritus, improved faces, off-label pharmaceuticals, barnacled crabs, frustrated nostalgia, embedded nothings, red baring, the flaying of Antinous. Fish heads. Cornucopia clams.”

See more of her recent work below.

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So pleased to share my work for @archenemyarts's Periodic Table show opening tomorrow night! I couldn't help myself and chose the element chlorine. I was profoundly sad while I got into painting the piece, though, because right now, there are no mists of the past shrouding chemical warfare– there is no "Great War" reference that does not reach its oily black hands through a century of human "progress" and grip the throats of the unfortunate– hence its title, "Plus Ca Change." I therefore felt it was important that I donate a portion of its sale proceeds to @doctorswithoutborders, who are on the ground trying to lessen the misery of people across the world, but specifically in Syria and war zones like it. On a happier note, I'm thrilled to say you will also be able to catch my bud @christinamrozikart's solo there as well– and she'll be there in person! Don't miss it! // "Plus Ca Change", 8 x 8" gouache with mixed media on paper, mounted to 1.5" deep cradled panel, 2018. #gouache #chlorine #gasmask #msf #greatwar #centennial

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