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With “A Volta,” Allouche Gallery looks at the evolution of the legendary b-boy and street artist Doze Green through paintings and drawings. In the show, viewers find an artist who influenced a generation and a transformative moment in his practice upon moving to Brazil. Green was most recently featured in Hi-Fructose’s print magazine with Volume 35.

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Tomorrow, California based graffiti artist Doze Green will celebrate his fifth solo at Jonathan LeVine Gallery, “Out of Knowhere”. On the show’s concept, Green shares, “This is my interpretation of the soul’s journey. Leaving behind illusion, ego and material to connect with the self and converge with the source of life.” A recent video takes viewers behind the scenes, where pieces from Green’s rural life are mirrored in his paintings. Among his inspirations are the seasons, reincarnation and the natural cycles of human, plant and animal life.