Doze Green Returns to NYC With ‘A Volta’

by Andy SmithPosted on

With “A Volta,” Allouche Gallery looks at the evolution of the legendary b-boy and street artist Doze Green through paintings and drawings. In the show, viewers find an artist who influenced a generation and a transformative moment in his practice upon moving to Brazil. Green was most recently featured in Hi-Fructose’s print magazine with Volume 35.

“This collection marks the evolution of my 30-plus years of studio work, originating from the explosively creative liminal space I found myself early in my career, both as a writer and breakdancer, heavily influenced by Dondi White, Rammellzee and other mid 70s graffiti luminaries, pulling from this time the essence and energy of New York street art,” the artist says. “A Volta simultaneously deconstructs and interrogates the transition towards the figurative and abstract within my personal oeuvre and contemporary graffiti. Transcendental archetypes and neoclassical themes are reconfigured by my current expressive relationship to the world. Moving to Brazil shaped a new, deeper understanding of my visual language, catalyzing a new relationship to color, compositions and figures relating to the mythical, the astrological and the powerful energy of our Afro-Caribbean visual legacy.”

Find more on the gallery’s site.

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