Nadeem Chughati’s Nowhere Man Dwells Inside the Everyday

by Andy SmithPosted on

The round, yet otherwise nondescript characters in Nadeem Chughati’s paintings and drawings feel the universal burdens and curiosities of any person. Whether he places them against lush landscapes or desolate, monochromatic backdrops, the vagueness of his figures remain. This changes the typical point of entry for figurative works. “I feel that people are very similar in many ways, so expressing my feelings can often strike a chord with those who relate to the situations that I put my characters in,” the artist said, in a past statement.

The name of his character is the Nowhere Man, and he was “was partly inspired by the miniature scale figures Nadeem observed in architectural drawings on the film sets.”

The London native was formerly a scenic artist for major films. This certainly explains both his talent for absorbing environments and the cinematic flair each of his works contain. (He was an apprentice to the legendary Steve Mitchell, a scenic artist hailed for decades in the industry.)

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