Saype’s Murals Crafted on Swaths of Land

by Andy SmithPosted on

Using biodegradable paint, Saype creates murals across grass and dirt, seen best far above the ground. Working on thousands of square feet, the artist is able to create scenes in which characters explore humanity’s relationship with the earth. A recent work, below, is perhaps the most vivid example of this to date.

“A pioneer in the field of painting on grass, art movement between land art and graffiti, since 2013 he has been making gigantic ephemeral faces in landscapes, with 100% biodegradable paint that he prepares himself,” a statement says. “2015 was a decisive year for his work: after an unprecedented performance of painting on grass, world premiere in the French Alps with a fresco of 1400m2 blithely relayed by the media, his paintings and plexiglass enter private collections.”

See more of the artist’s projects below.

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