The Surreal Murals and Paintings of Koz Dos

by Andy SmithPosted on

Whether on his murals or in his acrylic paintings, Venezuelan artist Koz Dos implements several approaches into each of his portraits, including geometric abstractions, classical realism, and otherworldly distortions. The artist emerged out of the graffiti scene in Caracas, the country’s largest city. His portraits on massive structures carry fine detailing, packed into the ornamental and natural elements of his pieces.

“Koz Dos has a very personal style, in which his imaginary figures regain reality through lines building triangles and dots,” a recent statement says. “In his mural portraits, he will mix human figures with animals, often painting photorealistic faces in the mouth of animals, expressing the confrontation between the individual and the animal in their quest for survival, at the same time a certain harmony in their coexistence.”

See more of his work below.

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