Drew Merritt’s Brutally Human Canvas, Mural Works

by Andy SmithPosted on

Whether it’s on a canvas or an urban wall, Drew Merritt crafts harrowing portraits that are both intimate and elusive, utilizing nondescript backdrops. As vague as some of Merritt’s narratives may seem, each carries an earnest humanity. The artist was last featured on HiFructose.com here, and according to a statement, “has resolved to defy categorization.”

“His unique vision of the human condition has provided an ability to masterfully express a broad spectrum of our shared experiences,” a statement says. “Over the course of his career Merritt has amassed a diverse, complex, and iconographically jarring body of work.”

Merritt came up in the graffiti scene, and still remains tethered to the urban art community. Though his past work heavily centered on young, female adults, his work has expanded in scope and diversity. Check out some of his recent murals below.

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