The Figurative Oil Paintings of Laura Buss

by Andy SmithPosted on

Laura Buss creates stirring oil paintings with subjects that appear to moving through planes of reality. The San Francisco-based artist renders both scenes and intimate studies that carry introspective themes. Buss had a recent show of her paintings at Modern Eden Gallery.

“It describes the state in which we so often find ourselves, seeking clarity and filled with longing,” she described to Modern Eden Gallery at the time. “Moving between spaces that are known to us and into encrypted planes beyond. Standing at the threshold and looking back at footsteps behind us. Sometimes finding brief moments of perspective where both planes can be seen, before and behind, but more often losing sight of one while moving into the other. The in-between spaces curtained with shrouds dictating what can be seen. And we, ever gardeners, moving ahead and planting seeds as we go.”

Buss’s career has always been multifacted. She studied at School of Visual Arts in New York, with a track in photography. She then traveled the globe painting signs and portraits, and also embarking on a 20-year career in tattooing and then garnering attention for her figurative oil paintings.

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