Agostino Arrivabene’s Recent Experimentations

by Andy SmithPosted on

Painted on wood, the textures of Agostino Arrivabene‘s surreal works garner new, striking qualities. The above piece is one of the newer works on similar natural canvases from the artist, who was last featured on here. Arrivabene’s experimentations also includes work on conglomerate mineral and other woodland findings.

A recent statement, as translated to English, offers some insight into how the nature of his work complements organic material: “In some paintings the artist expresses an informality of the pictorial material to leave uncovered an ‘unfinished,’ as if it were an open and pulsating wound. In other paintings, however, all this is healed through the dressing of a more rewritten, embroidered, stitched up painting to medicare a musculature skinned by its dermis, an incompleteness that expresses something to hide and always through the references of a Renaissance painting memory.”

See more of his recent work below.

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