Joshua Hagler’s New, Massive Oil Paintings Shown in London

by Andy SmithPosted on

Joshua Hagler’s new, massive oil paintings are packed with tension and political reflections, each appearing as memories emerging and dissipating. “Chimera” is his upcoming show at Unit London, named for the mythological creature or in a more contemporary sense, has “come to mean something which is hoped for, but is impossible to achieve.” The show begins on July 19 and runs through the end of August.

“The exhibition centers around a number of topics, namely evangelical religion and fading dichotomies such as right wing / left wing, hero / villain and good or evil,” the gallery says. “Chimera includes a haunting representation of Michael Jackson in ‘My God’, which asks audiences to consider the popular hunger for hero versus villain archetypes and its inherent duality.”

See more of the artist’s work on his site, and read more about Unit London here.

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