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Painted on wood, the textures of Agostino Arrivabene's surreal works garner new, striking qualities. The above piece is one of the newer works on similar natural canvases from the artist, who was last featured on here. Arrivabene's experimentations also includes work on conglomerate mineral and other woodland findings.
Italian artist Agostino Arrivabene paints otherworldly scenes that move between the romantic and the terrifying. His paintings, often oil on wood, both reference and emulate age-old concepts of transformation, death, and bonds between subjects and concepts of alchemy. At times, the works rely on familiar symbology; in other works, the image appears as something wholly novel. The artist was last featured on here.
Italian artist Agostino Arrivabene paints an iconographic universe that exists somewhere at the division between the real world from the spiritual realm. Previously featured here on our blog, his works include landscapes, portraits, and large paintings allegorical and apocalyptic in nature. Subjects of his paintings often appear as if from another time and place, celestial bodies and nudes emerging from the earth that recall the figures of those who influence him, particularly Gustave Moreau and Odd Nerdrum. Arrivabene describes his personal world as one that is eclectic and occult, where his artistic lanuage changes depending on his life experience. His upcoming solo exhibition at Cara Gallery in New York, "Hierogamy", delves into mythological themes and ideas about personal intimacy, change, and time.
Italian artist Agostino Arrivabene uses antique painting techniques to create a foundation from which metamorphic figures emerge in moments of creation. The time-consuming labor of grinding pigments and layering paints is evident in the complex, heavily textural works. New worlds hide beneath and within cracks and crinkles as human-like figures manifest above ground and often out of water.

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