Yok & Sheryo Turn their Humorous Characters into Sculptures in “Shadows”

by CaroPosted on

Yok is an Australian born artist raised on Ren & Stimpy and skateboarding graphics, while Sheryo is a Brooklyn based Singaporean artist with an affinity for kitsch and pulp illustrations. Together, the New York based duo calls themselves Yok & Sheryo, whose equally cheeky love for counter culture is reflected in their art. We first featured their murals on our blog, where they combine their signature styles in frenzied images that include surreal characters and motifs like pizza and palm trees. Their collective works tell stories inspired by their travels and misadventures, which have recently taken them to the islands of Indonesia, sparking ideas for a new set of characters. Titled “Shadows”, the series features Sumi ink drawings drawn in a tattoo flash style and a large collection of black resin sculptures that were made in a village in central Java. Their works inject a notable Asian aesthetic with humor with characters like surfing Satans, vacationing Grim Reapers, old master pineapples, badass shark-riding skeletons, and slogans like “Death by Boobies”. Yok & Sheryo’s “Shadows” will be on view at Masters Projects in Brooklyn, New York through January 1st, 2016.

Photos by Geoff Fortune & Ross Clugston.

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