Johnson Tsang’s Surreal, Porcelain Faces Carry Wide-Ranging Emotions

by Andy SmithPosted on

Sculptor and ceramics artist Johnson Tsang, based in Hong Kong, creates surreal, spellbinding faces in porcelain. Dramatic and often humorous, these characters are warped in varying emotions, whether it’s a distorted, yet intimate kiss, total relaxation while being massaged, or contorted far behind comfort. Two series from this year, “Lucid Dream” and “Stillness,” show just how wide-ranging the artist’s imagination can be, all using the human face as its foundation.
Tsang’s work last appeared on here.

“Stillness” is the newer series, and it was recently featured in the conference Ink Asia 2016 in Hong Kong. These works are some of his most kinetic yet, with porcelain splashes and collision putting the works at odds with one another. Here, it’s the artist’s knack for realism that makes the liquids and extend beyond the wall.

Tsang’s pieces have been exhibited across the world, from U.S. and Denmark to Korea and his native China. His several awards include the “Special Prize” of “Korea Gyeonggi International Ceramix Biennale 2011 International Competition” and “Grand Prize” of “2012 Taiwan International Ceramics Biennale.” (He’s the first Chinese artist to nab these two awards.)

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