Katsuyo Aoki Colors Her Latest Intricate Porcelain Sculptures

by CaroPosted on

HF Vol. 21 artist Katsuyo Aoki is perhaps best known for her intricate, pure white porcelain skulls, covered here. Her latest sculptures are decorated with colorful designs, some of which are now on display in “The Colors of Globalization” at Bernardaud Foundation in Paris. It was Victorian England that kicked off the trade of blue and white porcelain originally. Aoki’s palette draws upon this time period, which dates back to 18th century designs that imitated Chinese porcelain. The skull takes on a new form in her new pieces, such as “Trolldom,” one her largest works to date measuring at 6ft tall. Here, she borrows inspiration from the Norse folk magic tradition of the same name, in a continuation of her mythical themes. The decorative style in which the piece is crafted alludes to that of a religious relic, while also making its macabre details more refined. Other new sculptures, such as her “Loom” trilogy, remove the skull motif completely in favor of abstracting the porcelain beyond recognition. As her title suggests, ornate forms weave in and out to shape a growing porcelain mass. While chaotic, there is also a feeling of romance, which remains a key element in Aoki’s art. Take a look at more of her recent sculptures below.

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