Christopher David White’s Ceramic Sculptures Mimic Nature, Humanity

by Andy SmithPosted on

Christopher David White says that “human is to nature as skin is to bark – as roots are to veins.” The artist’s striking ceramic sculptures attempt to explore humanity’s rightful relationship with the natural world, one long abandoned for consumption and convenience. The artist was last mentioned on here.

“We have become outsiders to everything that makes us who we are,” the artist says. “My current work explores our relationships to nature and how our daily interactions affect the fragile balance between humanity and the environment. How do we interact with and perceive the world around us? The repercussions from our persistent consumption are tipping the balance towards a bleak future that endangers our very survival. Given the unparalleled state of our technological and scientific achievements it is not only possible but necessary to find a new balance that promotes a thoughtful and sustainable relationship with nature.”

See more of his recent ceramic sculptures below.

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