Crystal Morey’s New Porcelain Sculptures Draw from 18th Century

by Andy SmithPosted on

With Crystal Morey‘s newest handmade porcelain sculptures, the artist takes influence from 18th century European art history. “Lush Anthesis,” a body of work in a new show at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco, contains hybrid creations made from humans, flora, and fauna. Morey was last featured on here.

“These sculptures embody the gestures, stylization and whimsy found in the paintings, honed marble statues, and ornate porcelain vessels of the rococo era,” the gallery says. “Anthesis — being a period of full bloom — these creatures are in a moment of transition, growing, blooming, and evolving. Each handmade, porcelain element is a celebration of nature, reminding us of the delicacy, magic and beauty found in all things. In these imagined creations, we are reminded of our interwoven lives and habitats, and that all living things rely on each other for the long-term health of our world.”

A show runs Oct. 13-Nov. 2 at the gallery. See more of Morey’s work from the show below.

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