PixelPancho Immortalizes Robots as Gods in “Androidei” (Androids)

by CaroPosted on

Turin, Italy based artist “PixelPancho” is well known for his retro-futuristic murals and multi-media works featuring whimsical, steampunk-like subjects. Previously featured here on our blog, works combine an ancient feeling, added by a palette of earthy color tones, combined with modern characters inspired from the science fiction works of American author Isaac Asimov and Japanese manga like Mazinger Z and UFO Robot. Reccuring characters in PixelPancho’s work are colossal robots, often painted in various stages of disrepair, rusting giants that have succumbed to decay.

PixelPancho sees his robots, steel humanoids created in our image, as a metaphor for man’s attempts to be closer to “God”. His robots take on a godly persona in his upcoming exhibition “Androidei” (Androids) opening at Galleria Varsi in Rome, Italy on February 19th. According to the artist, “Robots do not die; they are what stays on once we are all gone,” thus becoming the new rulers or “Gods” of the earth. The exhibition will feature 19 new works that reflect of the legacy of robots after we die and the the phenomena of the cycle of life, including acrylic paintings on wood panel, sketches and engravings on paper, and a sculpture made of plaster, ceramics, and iron. Complimenting the exhibit will be a new mural by PixelPancho in the Primavalle neighborhood of Rome.

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