Jeff Huntington Paints Layered Portraits with Superimposed Images

by CaroPosted on

Annapolis based multimedia artist Jeff Huntington make connections between seemingly opposing images using patterns and emotion. It was his father, the subject of his painting series “Plaques and Tangles” (2010), who first introduced him to oil painting at the age of eight. That particular series was a turning point in the artist’s career, when multiple perspectives began creeping into his works. Since then, Huntington has made increasingly layered portrayals of the human condition. For example, a recent mural painted in his hometown combines the peaceful expression of a golden Buddha with an injured nurse in agony from a 1925 Sergei Eisenstein Film. His latest series, “Catalyst,” features superimposed images of people with a significant effect on human history, culture and values. Each subject is a catalyst of some kind, but when merged together with color, shape and varying expressions, Huntington adds an entirely new dimension to their images.

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