Artists Exhibit Music-inspired Works in Haven Gallery’s “Music Box”

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Meredith Marsone

Since ancient times, music and visual art have been an important source of passing down stories through the generations, and musicians and artists have drawn upon each other for inspiration and stimulation. Music has inspired some of the most progressive art of our time from impressionist artists like Whistler and Monet, to the abstract painting of Kandinskv, and Pop artworks and experimental films by Andy Warhol. For their upcoming group exhibition “Music Box”, Haven Gallery in New York called upon a new generation of international artists to interpret their own musical inspirations: Matt Dangler, Dilka Bear, Thomas Dodd, Travis Lewis, Jana Brike, Mandy Tsung, Laura Shull, Kaspian Shore, Josie Morway, Jel Ena, Nicolaus Ferry, Mandy Cao, Chris Sheridan, Mahlimae, Michael Ramstead, Scott Grimando, Meredith Marsone, Joseph Weinreb, Sasha Ira, Nicolas Bruno, Brendon Flynn, Stephanie Law, SoMK, Poppy Lawman, Janet Cook, and Michael C. Hayes. Their collective works are surreal and figurative, and as rhythmic as the musical pieces that they are based on. Artists like Latvian painter Jana Brike connected with contemporaries and their muses, such as in her painting inspired by The Beatles’ “Strawberry Fields Forever”. The song is originally about John Lennon’s memories of playing in the garden, a scene that Brike recreates in an image of a young woman reclining in a never-ending grassy landscape. Other artists like Providence based Josie Morway find power inbetween the lines of lyrics and in mottoes, as in her piece titled “Cave Adsum (Beware, I am Here)” based on a clan war cry used to warn foes. Her paintings portray animals and birds subjects encased in intricate an geometric patterns, here portraying the strong image of a hawk taking flight against a prismatic backdrop. Take a look at these works and more below from “Music Box” below, opening at Haven Gallery in New York on January 9th, 2016.

Matt Dangler

Brendon Flynn


Jana Brike

Jel Ena

Josie Morway

Mandy Cao

Mandy Tsung

Michael C Hayes

Michael Ramstead

Sasha Ira

Thomas Dodd

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