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Since ancient times, music and visual art have been an important source of passing down stories through the generations, and musicians and artists have drawn upon each other for inspiration and stimulation. Music has inspired some of the most progressive art of our time from impressionist artists like Whistler and Monet, to the abstract painting of Kandinskv, and Pop artworks and experimental films by Andy Warhol. For their upcoming group exhibition “Music Box”, Haven Gallery in New York called upon a new generation of international artists to interpret their own musical inspirations: Matt Dangler, Dilka Bear, Thomas Dodd, Travis Lewis, Jana Brike, Mandy Tsung, Laura Shull, Kaspian Shore, Josie Morway, Jel Ena, Nicolaus Ferry, Mandy Cao, Chris Sheridan, Mahlimae, Michael Ramstead, Scott Grimando, Meredith Marsone, Joseph Weinreb, Sasha Ira, Nicolas Bruno, Brendon Flynn, Stephanie Law, SoMK, Poppy Lawman, Janet Cook, and Michael C. Hayes.