Artists Exhibit ‘Gift-Sized’ Works in Haven Gallery’s “Little Big”

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Michael Ramstead

A gift is more than just a gift. Rather, a gift is a little way that we can express our ‘biggest’ feelings for others. This philosophy is at the heart of Haven Gallery’s upcoming exhibition, “Little Big”, showcasing 8×10 inch “gift-sized” works by a selection of international artists. Opening on November 21st, “Little Big” will feature new works by Michael Ramstead, Sarah Joncas, Lauren Marx, Meredith Marsone, Brian Mashburn, Chris Mars, Josie Morway, Jessica Gordon, Genevive Zacconi, Dilkabear, and Christina Mrozik, just to name a few. Their works are as varied in theme as their styles, with motifs of the season as we enter these winter months. New paintings by Sarah Joncas and Lauren Marx, for instance, feature elements such as winter’s bare branches and color palette of cool tones. Even the animals in Brian Mashburn’s portraits seem to feel the onset of winter, as dark clouds approach them. Others such as Michael Ramstead, who portrays a young girl looking on as a scarecrow guards a golden field, take inspiration from this season of harvesting. Take a look at these works and more in our preview below, courtesy of the gallery.

Sarah Joncas

Lauren Marx

Meredith Marsone

Brian Mashburn

Brian Mashburn

Chris Mars

Chris Mars

Josie Morway

Jessica Gordon

Genevive Zacconi


Christina Mroznik

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