Miami Art Week 2015: PULSE Miami Beach Recap

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Daniel Rozin’s “Troll Mirror”

Yesterday, we brought you our highlights of UNTITLED art fair, SCOPE Miami Beach, Miami Project and Art on Paper. Today, we continue our coverage with one of the most popular fairs during the jam-packed Miami Art Week- PULSE Miami Beach. Despite the dreary Miami weather, PULSE was in high attendance and notable for its engaging and interactive installations in collaboration with Target that attracted art lovers of every age. Designed as a platform for new video and media art, “Target Too” combined items sold at Target with art- though some blasted it as a commercial “sell-out”, we couldn’t help but smile at some of the works on display like Daniel Rozin’s Insta-worthy “Troll Mirror”, a mirror made of hundreds of pink and green treasure trolls that reflected your silhouette as you moved around the piece.

Daniel Rozin’s interactive “Troll Mirror” at PULSE Miami Beach was created using hundreds of Treasure Troll dolls.

This year’s fair, now in its 11th edition, featured a diversity of expressions from oil and acrylic painting, paper works, vinyl on canvas, and sculptures made by terracotta, plaster and aluminum. Visitors walking inside the main tent at Indian Beach Park were first greeted by several large scale works by Chris Jones, covered here on our blog, who works with abandoned materials like old magazines, books, and even trash to create his bustling collage-like paintings.

New work by HF Vol. 37 cover artist Jean-Pierre Roy at Gallery Poulsen’s booth.

We also found a lot of stunning new works at Gallery Poulsen’s booth, including over twenty pieces by Christian Rex van Minnen, (HF Vol. 25), Jean-Pierre Roy (HF Vol. 37 cover artist, HF Vol. 18), Mi Ju, Mu Pan, Nicola Verlato (HF Vol. 3), William Powhida and the wild paintings of Aaron Johnson. Their booth also won brownie points for having issues of Hi-Fructose available for visitors, as several of their artists have been featured in our pages.

William Baczek Fine Arts featured a large selection of new paintings by HF Vol. 32 cover artist Travis Louie.

Another notable booth was Milan gallery Antonio Colombo’s, which had a 2-person exhibition by artists El Gato Chimeny and the Clayton Brothers on display. Though Chimney delves into various spiritual traditions, he does so with a sense of humor. His absurdist imagery on worn paper, which portrayed characters like flaming phoenixes and hybrid animals draped in luxurious robes, seemed to allude to a forgotten time that never truly existed. The Clayton Brothers presented a series of assemblages and works on paper, including a large and explosive still life of fruit. Over at William Baczek Fine Arts, Travis Louie (HF Vol. 32 cover artist) had several new acrylic on board paintings on display, featuring his usual cast of old-timey creatures like monkey-professors and goblins in their Sunday best. Take a look at our highlights of PULSE below, and stay tuned for reports from more Miami Art Week fairs.

Travis Louie

Travis Louie

Cristina Cordova

The Clayton Brothers

The Clayton Brothers

El Gato Chimney

Chris Jones

Chris Jones (detail)

Anthony Goiclea

Nicola Verlato

Aaron Johnson

Christian Rex Van Minnen

Mu Pan

Mu Pan (detail)

Cayce Zavaglia

Cayce Zavaglia

Cayce Zavaglia (detail)

Fahamu Pecou

James Riek

Zachari Logan

Kim Keever

Ruud van Empel

Robert Currie

Robert Currie (detail)

Zadok Ben-David

Lauren Fensterstock

Lauren Fensterstock (detail)

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