Preview: Lezley Saar and “Parallel Universe” Group Show at Merry Karnowsky

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This weekend, Merry Karnowsky will celebrate the opening of two exhibitions- Lezley Saar’s solo exhibition “Monad”, alongside group show, “Parallel Universe.”  It is a combination of artists who transport us into alternate realities with their art.  For her previous exhibition at Merry Karnowsky, covered here, Lezley Saar touched upon divine aspects of womanhood in a 19th century inspired installation. This concept is apparent in her show “Monad”, after the Divine first being or totality of all beings. In these colorful portraits, Victorian style-dressed women appear in heavenly environments full of ambiguous iconography. Many religions have used the image of an eye in their religious symbolism.  Saar’s night sky twinkles with tiny eyes, perhaps a reference to the Eye of Providence, or God’s all-seeing eye. 

Lezley Saar

“Parallel Universe”, which features new pieces by Sashie Masakatsu, Caleb Brown, Nathan Ota, Seonna Hong, devNgosha, Travis Louie, and Hell’o Monsters, also plays on an other-worldly concept. Seonna Hong’s chilly lunar-like landscape and Sashie’s alienesque craft of broken tv’s portray ‘alternate reality’ as a physical space, while others reflect on their own existence.  “Monad” by Lezley Saar and “Parallel Universe” opens September 6th at Merry Karnowsky gallery.

Seonna Hong


Sashie Masakatsu

Hell’o Monsters

Hell’o Monsters (progress)

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