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Coinciding with Merry Karnowsky gallery's "Parallel Universe" (covered here) is Lezley Saar's "Monad". For her latext exhibition, Saar focuses on the metaphysical reality, mixed with her signature Victorian subjects. Saar referred to philosopher Gottfried Leibniz's definition of "Monad" for her show's concept: “an unextended, indivisible and indestructible entity that is the basic or ultimate constituent of the universe, and a microcosm of it.” Proudly an artist of mixed ethnicity, Saar's colorful women can be linked to people in her own life, many of whom were in attendance at Saturday's opening. So, while her theme is grand, her personal touches make it feel familiar.
This weekend, Merry Karnowsky will celebrate the opening of two exhibitions- Lezley Saar's solo exhibition "Monad", alongside group show, "Parallel Universe." It is a combination of artists who transport us into alternate realities with their art. For her previous exhibition at Merry Karnowsky, covered here, Lezley Saar touched upon divine aspects of womanhood in a 19th century inspired installation. This concept is apparent in her show "Monad", after the Divine first being or totality of all beings. More after the jump.

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