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Puerto Rican street artist Alexis Diaz (covered here) recently teamed up with Chilean artist INTI to create a new mural for O.Bra Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Their mural, which took over 1 week to complete, blends the two artist's distinct imagery: Diaz's detailed and crosshatched line work with colorful under layers, and INTI's subjects inspired by life, death and religion, particularly Christianity. It features a surreal split-image of a skeletal robed woman, crowned with flowers and holding up a mechanical-like heart.
Since 2009, Urban Forms Gallery has been transforming the landscape of Polish city Lodz with a pulsing wave of colorful, graphic images. Puerto Rican muralist Alexis Diaz (previously covered by HF) is the latest in a string of internationally-known street artists including Brazil's Os Gemeos, Belgium's ROA, and Australia's SHIDA, to have been invited to touch his brush to Poland's walls. Diaz's mural, entitled "Sentir," is part of world-wide series, "HOY." Translated to "Today," Diaz's current series is a personal reflection of the way in which the artist sees the world. Following murals in Vienna, France, the US, UK, Australia, and Tunisia, "Sentir," which translates to "to feel," is an affecting tribute to the ties between the natural world and human sensation.
With Art Basel Miami around the corner, international artists are now trickling in to Miami's local gallery scene. Puerto Rican street artist Alexis Diaz has returned with his solo show "SUPERFICIE" ("SURFACE"), now on view at Product/81 gallery in Wynwood. His large scale murals (previously featured here and here) are instantly recognizable for their colorful, hybrid animals. In recent months, motfis of raven heads with human elements such as hands or skulls are especially prevalent. Diaz's exhibition showcases a series of new paintings that mirror this dreamlike, or perhaps nightmarish, subject matter.
Barcelona recently hosted a group of international artists for the Openwalls Conference, a street art festival featuring Alexis Diaz, Madsteez, M-city, Escif, Joao Lelo, Pastel, 310, Spogo and Kenor. While the above-mentioned artists created murals across the city's historical architecture, artists such as Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada gave lectures and hosted workshops. The murals were diverse and included illustrative styles (such as Escif and Alexis Diaz's pieces) as well as colorful abstraction (see Kenor and Joao Lelo's work). Photographer Fernando Alcala captured the highlights of the event.

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