Gaspar Battha Creates Next-Level Kaleidoscopic Sculpture

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

While the kaleidoscope is an age-old technology, Gaspar Battha created an elaborate, futuristic sculpture that combines elements of this traditional construction with new media. Titled “Patterns of Harmony,” the sculpture’s multi-faceted surface fractures projections of repeating, electric blue cubes into moving, psychedelic visuals.

Battha created this piece as an exploration of geometry: its importance to art and design principles as well as to natural processes. In his artist statement, he posed the following questions: “Why is a cube constructed as it is and why do we find the same shapes and geometrical structures on the largest as well as on the smallest scales of the cosmos? Is geometry only an illusion of our senses or is it an essential building block of the universe?”

Based in quantum physics research, “Patterns of Harmony” posits that as complex as the universe seems, its foundational building blocks are simple shapes that govern a variety of natural phenomena. Battha articulates this thought with this entrancing, cosmic new piece.

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