The Obscured Figures of Gerwyn Davies

by Andy SmithPosted on

The work of Gerwyn Davies blends photography and sculpture, utilizing everyday objects to obscure the body and create surreal vignettes. In his “Alien” series, the artist’s use of simplistic, geometric shapes offer an interplay between light and shadows against diverse backdrops. Elsewhere, in summer-themed series like “Heatwave” and “Sunny Boys,” he manipulates inflatables to evoke sun-soaked decadence.

“Using readymade and everyday materials, characters are assembled through costume that simultaneously conceal, transform and abstract the body,” his site says. “These figures call attention to the surface, they exploit the texture, colour and shine of their artificial second skins. As portraits they engage a double bind, both concealing and revealing, drawing the viewer inward before ultimately eluding a close inspection.”

Find more of his work on his site.

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