Recap: Forest For the Trees Mural Festival In Portland, Continued

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Yesterday we brought you our first recap of Portland’s second annual edition of Forest for the Trees, a new mural festival featuring 20 international and local artists. Today, we round up the rest of the murals. Philadelphia-based artist Nosego played with negative space for his piece, which sparkles on a small section of his giant wall with glowing contrasts. Nearby, Brendan Monroe and Souther Salazar collaborated almost seamlessly, blending whimsy with geometry and design. Paige Wright incorporated three-dimensional elements into her mural while Zach Yarrington opted to create text-based work. Take a look at the highlights below.

Rather Severe:


Paige Wright:

Ryuichi Ogino:

Souther Salazar and Brendan Monroe:

Spencer Keeton Cunningham:

The Lost Cause:

Zach Yarrington:

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