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Souther Salazar's paintings return us to a childlike state of mind full of curiosity and belief that anything is possible. His animal characters traverse enchanted dreamworlds where abstract designs form different galaxies to explore. Salazar is preparing to debut his next solo show, "Attic Transmissions," which will be on view at Narwhal Contemporary in Toronto March 28 through April 25. He describes his new work as an exercise in spontaneity. Many of the drawings began as fragments and notes in sketchbooks that the artist cobbled together over time. Over the months he worked on the show, he carried around a suitcase full of drawing supplies and archival materials to make his creative process as seamless as possible with his daily life.
Yesterday we brought you our first recap of Portland's second annual edition of Forest for the Trees, a new mural festival featuring 20 international and local artists. Today, we round up the rest of the murals. Philadelphia-based artist Nosego played with negative space for his piece, which sparkles on a small section of his giant wall with glowing contrasts. Nearby, Brendan Monroe and Souther Salazar collaborated almost seamlessly, blending whimsy with geometry and design. Paige Wright incorporated three-dimensional elements into her mural while Zach Yarrington opted to create text-based work. Take a look at the highlights after the jump.

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