Preview: Brendan Monroe’s “Blobography” at Heath Ceramics

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Featureless, animal-like characters populate the works of Brendan Monroe. He renders them with visceral textures and biomorphic shapes that evoke some sort of primordial goop from which life emerged. While the Oakland-based artist is known for creating paintings, drawings and wooden sculptures, he recently collaborated with Los Angeles studio Heath Ceramics on a series of ceramic works that will be exhibited in “Blobography,” his solo show opening on November 1 at the same location.

In Heath Ceramics’ workshop, Monroe created molds of his wooden sculptures to cast the ceramic pieces. A novice to working with clay before the collaboration, the artist says he found the process to be as enjoyable and intuitive as drawing. While tight, illustrative line work is a prominent feature of his drawings and paintings, his work in clay appears much more freeform. “Blobography” will feature drawings and paintings as well as Monroe’s new ceramic sculpture series.

“Blobography” will be on view November 1 through November 30 at Heath Ceramics in LA.

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