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Souther Salazar’s paintings return us to a childlike state of mind full of curiosity and belief that anything is possible. His animal characters traverse enchanted dreamworlds where abstract designs form different galaxies to explore. Salazar is preparing to debut his next solo show, “Attic Transmissions,” which will be on view at Narwhal Contemporary in Toronto March 28 through April 25. He describes his new work as an exercise in spontaneity. Many of the drawings began as fragments and notes in sketchbooks that the artist cobbled together over time. Over the months he worked on the show, he carried around a suitcase full of drawing supplies and archival materials to make his creative process as seamless as possible with his daily life.

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This Saturday, Junko Mizuno continues her 3-part series, “Junko Mizuno’s Food Obsession”, with “Ambrosial Affair” at Narwhal Contemporary gallery in Ontario. The first part was “Venus Cake”, where she set the stage for these overeating witch-like idols in a state of psychedelic euphoria. They live in a world of fantasy,  inspired by the fact that certain foods can get you in the mood and help get your blood flowing down there. ‘Obsessed’ with the theme of gluttony, Mizuno has strongly linked her subjects to their food fetishes.