Preview of Dalek’s New Geometric Murals for SMOCA

by CaroPosted on

James Marshall aka Dalek (featured in Hi-Fructose vol.15) is in Arizona this week working on an installation at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. His new murals are a part of a series intended to transform the entire space which is home to some of Dalek’s artistic influences. His works lead attendees through the museum’s lounge, retail space, and into the courtyard, featuring a collaboration between SMOCA and Scottsdale Public Art. These progress photos show how Dalek uses geometric colored bands to create a connection between the interior and exterior environments. The bands, interjected with abstract forms, ever so slightly curve with the shape of their surroundings. Warm peaches and pinks invite one into the space while cool yellows and greens compliment the outdoors. Take a look at a preview of the works which will be completed in the week ahead.

Images courtesy Sean Deckert/Calnicean Projects.

Images courtesy Dalek’s instagram.

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