Peter Gronquist Exhibits Abstract New Works in “All of the Above”

by CaroPosted on

Last year, Portland based artist Peter Gronquist made a remarkable departure from his dramatic taxidermy sculptures in favor of more abstract explorations. He continues to experiment with color and form in his latest body of work for “All of the Above”, opening on Saturday at Soze Gallery in Los Angeles. The show expands on his 2014 exhibition “The Great Escape”, which featured infinity boxes of holographic war planes and firearms, a recurring motif in Gronquist’s art. His new boxes encase new gold sculptures of fighter jets, tanks and helicopters in ornate, almost glowing displays. Others contrast the aggressive image of weaponry with the soft and fragile one of florals, as in his piece, “Triangle Roses and Planes.” In a kaleidoscopic fashion, they appear to spin and fade away from the viewer into a black abyss. Gronquist pairs this series with minimal color field paintings that also have a fading quality. Colors such as pinks and whites softly dissipate into eachother, while in another, white trees blend with a hazy forest fog. It would seem that Gronquist is yearning for the infinite in these new works for the limitless possibilities it has to offer – and all of the above.

“All of the Above” by Peter Gronquist will be on view at Soze Gallery in Los Angeles from July 25th through August 25th.

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