Preview: Magnus Gjoen’s “Monster” at Hang-Up Gallery, London

by CaroPosted on

Multimedia artist Magnus Gjoen has a signature way of combining grim imagery with classically inspired techniques. We recently featured his series of war weapons made to look like delicate 16th century blue and white porcelain. Can something so horrific be considered beautiful? This is a central theme of Gjoen’s upcoming solo exhibition “Monster”, opening March 20th at Hang Up gallery in London. He began working on the show after reading an FBI article about a real-life monster, a serial killer who fantasized about children. In newly abstract illustrations, Gjoen seeks to reveal the killer’s beautifully disturbed psyche. Sharp edges outline soft, dreamlike images of luxury such as peacocks and florals, alluding to the fantasy that helped create this monster. This plays into Gjoen’s overall exploration of beauty versus evil, challenging our perceptions of the two.

“Monster” by Magnus Gjoen will exhibit at Hang-Up Gallery March 20 through April 26, 2015.

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