Andrew Schoultz, Dalek, and More Exhibit Large-scale Works in “Major Work”

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The group exhibition “Major Work” at Chandran Gallery in San Francisco features a select group of fourteen artists who are making some of the biggest impacts in contemporary art. The participants are particularly well known for consistently reinventing their own approach to art-making: Alicia McCarthy, Aaron Noble (HF Vol. 5), Kelsey Brookes, Revok, James Marshall aka “Dalek” (HF Vol. 15), Sam Friedman, Eric Yahnker, Mark Dean Veca (HF Vol. 23), Saber, Hilary Pecis, Tim Biskup (HF Vol. 2), Eric White, Allison Schulnik, and Andrew Schoultz, who curated the exhibit. For “Major Work”, Schoultz deliberately chose artists whose work is informed by their lifestyles led outside of the social norm. These are artists who lead bold lives both personally and professionally, and have the artistic vernacular to match, making eye-catching works that offer discourse on a range of topics including politics, pop culture, advancing technology, environmental issues and capitalism. The show is made up of massive larges-scale paintings that embody the artists’ style and vision, ranging from the bright and colorful works of Tim Biskup with his light-hearted, whimsical characters, to the work of Mark Dean Veca who paints a dark and eerie version of Mickey Mouse, distorted by wrinkles and folds. A huge, round painting by Kelsey Brookes seems to glow, swirling with tranquil, blue organic shapes, right beside an electric painting by Saber, rumbling with movement from his loose style of spray painting. Take a look at more from “Major Work” below, now on view at Chandran Gallery through January 15th, 2016.

Tim Biskup

Sam Friedman



Mark Dean Veca

Eric Yahnker

Eric Yahnker

Eric White

Andrew Schoultz

Aaron Noble

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