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Photos by Mik Luxon On July 25th, Hi-Fructose attended the opening of Peter Gronquist's solo exhibition "All of the Above" at Soze Gallery in Los Angeles. As recently discussed, the artist has embarked on more abstract and conceptual explorations than in previous works. For this exhibit, he chose to expand on multiple recurring themes in his art, and techniques using more varied color, form, depth and stillness - and with surprising results. Gronquist's paintings, for example, are created using sanded plexiglass over hand-painted drop boxes, creating a foggy, luminous effect. This process flattens the image to the surface while simultaneously dropping the image back. Gronquist says, "It's hard to explain without seeing in person, I best describe it as a glowing effect."
Last year, Portland based artist Peter Gronquist made a remarkable departure from his dramatic taxidermy sculptures in favor of more abstract explorations. He continues to experiment with color and form in his latest body of work for "All of the Above", opening on Saturday at Soze Gallery in Los Angeles. The show expands on his 2014 exhibition "The Great Escape" which featured infinity boxes of holographic war planes and firearms, a recurring motif in Gronquist's art.
Peter Gronquist recently made a considerable departure from his recognizable taxidermy sculptures with "The Great Escape" (previewed here). His latest collection, now on view at Joseph Gross Gallery, is an abstraction of his former self with the same signature playfulness. Gronquist calls the experience of working on the show liberating, a chance to satisfy creative impulses. While his new style may feel sudden, it has actually been a year and a half in the making that was encouraged by comissions for abstract art.
Opening tomorrow at Joseph Gross Gallery, Peter Gronquist's "The Great Escape" marks a departure from the taxidermy animal sculptures that he's known for. The exhibition will feature a series of color-field-like paintings on plexiglass, as well as abstract 3D pieces and free-standing animal sculptures. As these works are so dramatically different from his previous pieces (featured here), it is a remarkable change for Gronquist that links his past and present artwork.

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