Ornate Antler Sculptures by Shane Wilson

by CaroPosted on

Canadian artist Shane Wilson draws his inspiration from the nature surrounding him in north Ontario. In his artist statement, he writes, “I live through my hands and tools: transforming thick, heavy bone and bronze, meant for massive collisions, into ethereal, otherworldly creations; precious oases in the midst of life.” Sourced ethically, his ornate carvings into animal antlers, particularly moose, are unreal. They balance the beauty of the animal with the severity and aggressive nature of the antlers’ former life. With careful workmanship, Wilson summons tiny, peaceful scenes of Canada’s wilderness, such as Grizzly bears fishing and wolves howling in the night. Some pieces measure over a meter high and feature more abstract patterns. For example, “Borealis and Oreithyia”, an impressive set of moose antlers, is Wilson’s curvy interpretation of the Northern Lights. Such works merge the creative imaginings of man with the natural world. His first experimentations followed a visit to an exhibition of other antler carvings, but after a period of time, Wilson has honed in on a unique vision. Today, his pieces are commissioned all over the world, most recently on display at Museum of Post Contemporary Art, Virtual Gallery. Take a look at more of his works below.

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