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Darius Hulea's figures are forged in metal wire, yet carry a ghostly, apparating quality. The Romania-based artist depicts a range of figures, from Ferdinand I and violinst George Enesco to philosopher Mircea Eliade and sculptor Frederic Storck. The artist moves between differing types of metal, as well, including bronze, iron, steel, copper, and brass.
Anne Mondro uses thin steel and copper wire to crochet part of the anatomy, each carrying both an unsettling texture. Her work is described as exploring "the physical and emotional complexity of the human body." The artist also crafts digital prints that reflect on the connections between humans.
Lene Kilde, a sculptor based in Norway, creates works in which disparate body parts create fanciful scenes. At first glance, these sculptures may appear ominous or bleak, but further time spent with the work offers hints at wistful and youthful action. Or as Kilde says in a statement,“her intention is to invite the audience to use their own imagination so that they can complete the sculptures and fill in the lines and volume by themselves.The sculptures consist (of) concrete, metal mesh and air.”
The building blocks of life for Robert Jefferson Travis Pond’s animals are metal scraps, taken from discarded motorcycles and other heaps of seemingly obsolete material. Welding gas tanks, pipes, and gears, he creates life-sized creatures of several types. The Portland-based artist’s Steel Pond Studios focuses on taking objects that are “part of human history” and injecting new life. Half of what Pond does is collect materials, he says. And then, the creatures begin to take shape.
Decorative metalworking in Japan has a long history that began sometime in the fourth to fifth centuries with skills passed down through the generations. Tokyo based sculptor Taiichiro Yoshida conforms to century old traditions in his hot-metal treated sculptures of flower-encrusted animals. Snow monkeys, rabbits, cats, and birds like sparrows and doves are just a few of the animals that he represents in his work, coated with layers of intricate metal florals and feathers in various colors.

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