Sculptor Ronit Baranga Returns With ‘Demons’ Playground’

by Andy SmithPosted on

Ronit Baranga balances mischievous and playful themes in her sculptures. And in Booth Gallery‘s upcoming show, “Demons’ Playground,” new examples of this figurative work are collected. Baranga was last featured on here.

“Images of a playful childhood give way to inner, darker forces: a baby clutches its small sweet fingertips into the belly-cushion, in painful symbiosis; girls perceiving their inner being projected on themselves and on objects surrounding them—watching their wild side come out intriguing and fascinating, letting go of inhibitions and fears—setting free the demons of emotionally charged and often painful rather than idyllic images of childhood. It could be the fragile nature of the sculptures or is it the looks of the life-like characters—something about Baranga’s works seems exposed and vulnerable, and at the same time amused and curious.”

The show kicks off April 27 and runs through June 2 in the New York City gallery. See more works below.

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