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When Spenser Little bends wire, an assuming material can become an elaborate tapestry. His narratives and figure studies range from playful to absorbing in their manipulations of form. At times, the artist will leave continuous wire works in public spaces across the world, toying with the contours and lines of street objects.
Stephanie Corr Gartanutti started as a painter, but after multiple sclerosis had diminished her fine motor skills for a period, she began to use sculpting as method to both create and cope. Each of her figures begins with a single piece of wire, and then "the wire is cut, shaped and fastened to itself. Then repeated again and again. Later in the process the wire will be woven through until it becomes a substantial object, that can be further manipulated and cut into shape."
Spanish artist David Moreno’s wild, wire sculptures have evolved into more vibrant, kinetic creations. Whether carried in the palm of your hand or standing waist-high, these absorbing works appear at once erratic and meticulous. The artist was featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 43, available here, and he was last mentioned on here.

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