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Adam Kiyoshi Fujita’s spraypainted murals appear as neon lights on walls across the world. Though a 25-year veteran of crafting work in public spaces, this specific style, evoking neon tube lighting evolved in response to the current presidential administration. In this past, his work has also responded to issues around police violence, gender issues, and other social topics.
Muralist Eron crafts enormous works that bring both atypical textures and historical context to the structures. One recent piece by the artist (below) “is dedicated to the history of the village and to the destructive fire that was deliberately set in retaliation for italian partisan activities on 3 July, 1944,” the artist shared on Instagram. “The fire destroyed most of the houses.”
Bom.K continues to evolve his varied, bombastic style with recent work that appears as a controlled cacophony of influences. Works like “Anything” (above) implement spraypaint and the canvas, offering a look at approaches the artist has used throughout his career. He was last mentioned on here.
Adam Crawford’s paintings are a mix of sharp, vibrant geometric forms and grotesque beasts, appearing in both shared spaces and separate studies. The Philadelphia-based artist uses acrylics, spraypaint, and an array of surfaces for his works. Crawford was recently chosen for the juried exhibition "Delusional" at Jonathan Levine Gallery, which kicked off on Aug. 9.

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