Eron’s Murals Offer History, Atypical ‘Texture’

by Andy SmithPosted on

Muralist Eron crafts enormous works that bring both atypical textures and historical context to the structures. One recent piece by the artist (below) “is dedicated to the history of the village and to the destructive fire that was deliberately set in retaliation for italian partisan activities on 3 July, 1944,” the artist shared on Instagram. “The fire destroyed most of the houses.”

Eron has a knack for crafting ghostly figures inside and outside of spaces. The artist, often using the motif of avian species, creates illusions of creatures traveling in and out of buildings. Otherwise, he’s able to provide an “embossed” texture to the piece “Gru vs Gru” on one building, while also giving the impression of an entirely different building material on another (below), maintaining the theme of using birds.

See more of Eron’s work below.

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