Preview: Bom.K’s “Confusions” at Known Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

While in the US, the suburbs are seen as a place to escape the undesirable aspects of the inner city, in Paris, poverty and its after-effects are pushed out of the city’s glossy center and to the outskirts. Growing up in the suburbs of Paris, Bom.K sharpened his spray paint skills on the walls of abandoned factories and broken-down buildings. The artist continues to render his studio work with aerosol on canvas, fine-tuning his execution with custom caps that enable him to spray fine lines for detail-oriented work.

Bom.K is gearing up for his first US solo show at Known Gallery in LA, “Confusions.” Preoccupied with disfigurement, the works are a testament to the artist’s keen, even obsessive, observations of the strange, dejected characters of the urban landscape. “Haunted by the visions he sees while lurking the city, by the faces of those he bumps into at every street corner, on each train he rides, Bom.K has spent years completing an imaginary bestiary, full of the hellish creatures that surround him,” wrote colleague Sowat from Bom.K’s DMV crew in an essay about the artist. “Confusions” opens at Known Gallery on January 11 and will be on view through January 25.

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