Adam Crawford’s Monstrous and Vibrant, Geometric Forms

by Andy SmithPosted on

Adam Crawford’s paintings are a mix of sharp, vibrant geometric forms and grotesque beasts, appearing in both shared spaces and separate studies. The Philadelphia-based artist uses acrylics, spraypaint, and an array of surfaces for his works. Crawford was recently chosen for the juried exhibition “Delusional” at Jonathan Levine Gallery, which kicked off on Aug. 9.

On his Raw Artist profile, Crawford assembles a long, fascinating list of inspirations, when you see what work they end up influencing: “Creativity and imagination in others, paintings, T.V. (Project Runway, Intervention), graffiti, photography, animals, skateboarding, the people i meet skateboarding, other artists, comedy, magazines, the news, instagram, the internet, music, bad neighborhoods, tattoos, the sky, the ocean, and Wildwood New Jersey’s boardwalk.”

Crawford has degrees from Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and UPENN. His work has been shown across the world, and he says that while he skates about twice a week, he paints every single day.

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