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The psychedelic paintings of Yu Maeda blend creatures, shifting perspectives, and touches of the artist’s experience in graphic design. Born in Kumamoto, Japan, and currently based in Southern California, the artist combines influences from all of the fields he’s touched, including animation. Some of his more symmetrical works resemble Tibetan Buddhist mandalas, while others take on a more portrait-style look at his monsters.
Luis Garcia, who uses the moniker OOGLIOO, is a San Diego-based artist who crafts psychedelic and surreal worlds with a mix of acrylics and colored pencils. As the viewer’s eyes descend down the page, surprises await as the entire essence of otherworldly beings come into focus.
Hannah Stouffer is a Los Angeles based artist who describes herself as a highly curious individual. She learns by engaging with a topic and researching it obsessively. Stouffer finds her path of discovery, as well as self-discovery, to be an extremely important avenue for creativity, often achieving a meditative state while working. Her two-person show with Hilary White (recently interviewed here), titled "Ingress Egress" opens July 24th at Paradigm Gallery in Philadelphia, PA.
Originally from Korea, David Choong Lee (featured in HF Vol. 30) has been a staple of San Francisco's art scene for the past 20 years. Known for his elaborate assemblages composed of individual paintings on boxes on different depths, Lee deftly blends figuration with abstract dreamscapes, inserting realistically-rendered figures into explosions of shapes and kaleidoscopic colors. For his latest body of work, however, Lee emptied his paintings of human presence. His solo show "Cosmic Dust," opening at Luna Rienne Gallery in San Francisco on September 13, will feature a series of acrylic paintings on canvas that focus on Lee's intergalactic worlds — untouched and uninhabited. Honing in on the psychedelic imagery that once served as a background for his figures, he unfurls pools of liquid rainbows, mysterious glowing orbs and powerful beams of light. His new work gives the sensation of touching down on another planet.

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